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Journal Club


The Journal Club Of the Center for Bioinformatics and Quantitative Biology and UI Cancer Center

The CBQB-UI Cancer Center Journal Club will be mentored by faculty members. Graduate students and trainees will lead discussions on highly impactful papers of bioinformatics and quantitative modeling as well as papers of experimental studies that provide opportunity of modeling.

The journal club serves for multiple objectives including but not limited to

  • keeping up-to-date with recently published literature
  • improving critique skills and communication skills
  • fostering interactions.

The Journal Club is offered in partnership with the University of Illinois Cancer Center

Upcoming journal presentations Heading link

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Meetings Time: 1:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Date Presenter Topic
11/20/2023 Sam Fischer (Advisor: Kevin Drew) Structure prediction of protein-ligand complexes from sequence information with Umol [view related article]
10/30/2023 Lin Du (advisor: Liang) Simultaneous Profiling of Chromatin Architecture and Transcription in Single Cells [view related article]
10/16/2023 Julianne Jorgensen (advisor: Layden Lab/Dai Lab) Predicting metabolomic profiles from microbial composition through neural ordinary differential equations. [view related article]
8/28/2023 Mark Sanborn (advisor: Rehman) Genome-wide prediction of disease variant effects with a deep protein language model, which was published yesterday. [view related article]

Mentors Heading link

Konstantinos Chronis photo
Our goal with this is to promote the active dissemination of knowledge on novel methodological advances, facilitate discussion on fundamental aspects of gene and nuclear regulation, and increase awareness on systems biology approaches.
Yang Dai photo
We hope the journal club will help trainees improve critical literature appraisal skills in identifying knowledge gaps and future research questions, and develop communication competency at the same time.
Xiaowei Wang photo
I think this would be a terrific opportunity for the trainees to get familiar with new research topics, and at the same time develop critical thinking skills.
The Journal Club is offered in partnership with the University of Illinois Cancer Center