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The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Center for Bioinformatics and Quantitative Biology (CBQB) brings together internationally recognized Bioinformaticians and Computational Biologist who focuses on the biomedical discoveries through computational modeling. With the seed funding from the College of Engineering, College of Medicine, and the Office of the Provost, we are committed to lead major discoveries in disease mechanisms, novel diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as development of devices and algorithms that will improve health, with lasting impact to the society.

UIC has a proud history in bioinformatics and quantitative biology, and is one of the institutes with earliest efforts in bioinformatics dating back to 1999, including the establishment of one of the earliest PhD bioinformatics programs in the country (2003). Currently, CBQB has world-class strengths in several important areas: Computation and analysis of probability landscape of stochastic networks that underlie many biological processes such as stem cells and embryonic development; Computational modeling of 3D folding of physical chromosomes important for gene regulation and cancer development; Dynamic hybrid mechanical and biochemical models of cells and tissues; Design of bionanopores for molecular detection; Fundamental theory of energy flow of protein dynamics; and First-principle based mechanistic model of cytoskeletal microtubule networks.